Urolithiasis, renal colic, colitis, constipation, pregnancy saving (gentle stimulation)

The application zones

Main 6, 7, 8; additional 9, 18; subsidiary 23, 27, 29, 31.

General recommendations

For urolothiasis, renal colic, colitis, constipations it is strongly advisable to combine the application to the back and to the main zones (6, 7, 8) with stimulation of the abdomen and the zones 18, 17, 16 with the small applicator or the roller.

For colitis, intestine dyskinesia and constipation start the stimulation with the zones 16, 17, 18 which help to achieve therapeuticeffect in the shortest time. Stimulating these zones, it is possible to remove painful syndrome, to get rid of flatulence and intestine tension, to make peristalsis and stool normal.

Additional recommendations

For urolithiasis and renal colic stimulate the zones 6-7. Lie on the applicator with these zones, you may put the applicator on a hot water bottle, and, at the same time, stimulate the abdomen with the roller in the direction of pain irradiation until the pain is over. Additionally, affect the insides of the shanks and thighs.

To promote recovery after an operation and to restore the intestines function apply the applicators bellow and above the place of operation (press them with little sacks of sand), stimulate simultaneously (or preliminary) the corresponding zone of the back, loin or sacrum.

If there are not any contraindications, in order to facilitate the intestines function restoration it is possible to lie on the applicator with the whole abdomen for 15-20 minutes (for constipations, diskinesia and atony of the intestines, follow these instructions too).

You may apply the small applicators to the insides of the shanks and thighs for all the abovementioned problems (for example, stimulate points A, B, C, D).

To save pregnancy and to promote its development, it is advisable to use the applicators with small step (3,5-4,9 mm). The feeling during the application must be comfortable. Apply the applicator-plates and the applicators-rollers to the paravertebral zones, the zones of the forearm and shanks, and the zones on the hands and feet. The roller stimulation must be soft and gentle.

For early toxicosis (sickness, vomiting) apply the plate or the roller to the upper loin (the zone 6), the zone above the navel (the zone 16), lower chest (the zone 15) for 10-20 minutes, and to the hands and feet for 3-5 minutes.

To remove painful syndrome in the lumbosacral region, to improve uterus circulation and to promote the foetus development, applications to the zones 7, 8, 9 are recommended. Use the applicator with dense or usual step.

The stimulation must be gentle and careful, it is possible to cover the applicator with a thin nappy for 10-15 minutes. Gentle stimulation of the abdomen with the applicator roller is used to remove pain and spasm of the abdomen and uterus muscles.