General information

Life is movement

To move we need food and air. The way to harmony and health passes through a necessity to regulate nutrition, mostly by rationally restricting it (by means of fast, diet etc), to regulate breathing, which means to decrease its intensity in a reasonable way (Butejko method, yoga), to regulate movements, which means to move more and practice different kinds of movement.

Internal "remedies"

In ancient times our ancestors had to hunt and fight to get food and survive, so they moved a lot. They ran, jumped, swam, which was an integrate part of their everyday life. Unlike us, they did not know what hypodynamia was.
Actively interacting with water, land, trees and grass people unconsciously influenced all the receptors, located on their skin, making different muscle groups and nerve centers participate in movement. As a result natural internal "remedies" of the body were produced. They secured active defense against different illnesses and pathologic states.


Modern man leads unhealthy, sedentary way of life, he is affected by stressing factors, his diet is imbalanced (overeating). If the quantity of food got by the body does not correspond to its energy needs, alimentary (food) fat does not break up and instead of satisfying the energy needs of the body is used for the formation of excessive adipose deposits. As a result, the balance between lipolysis and fat accumulation is upset, which leads to obesity and fatty degradation of organs and tissues. The lack of movement - hypodynamia and its aftereffects - slows down vital activity processes and causes different illnesses.

That is why, we need devices able to compensate lack of motor activity, to prevent negative aftereffects of hypodynamia, to stimulate internal reserves of the body, to have prophylactic and therapeutic effect on all the organs and system of our body.

Lyapko applicator

Lyapko applicator, produced in different modifications (plates, rollers, belts applicators), is a unique compensator of hypodynamia. Needles of the applicator are made of such, necessary for human body, metals as zinc, cooper, iron, nickel and silver. High therapeutic efficiency is gained both by means of reflex and mechanical stimulation, and by means of galvanic currents produced in the skin, on the edges of the needles and between them, which leads to increased elective microelectrophoresis of the metals into internal medium of the body.

Applicators, designed by reflexologist Lyapko N. G. (Ukraine) are intended to be widely used in complex therapy and to prevent different illnesses and pathological states. It is a wonderful means to save and improve your health.

Many-needle therapy

Having taken as a foundation the Chinese method of influence on the biologically active points and zones with a needle bundle (mej-hua-tchen), doctor Lyapko applied his unique technology, according to which many-needle applicators and special needles are made of various metals and metal coatings (cooper, zinc, iron, nickel, silver), and then arranged them in a certain order on the rubber base. This helped to increase and diverse the number of factors affecting the skin and to augment therapeutic and healing effect.

The applicators can be used in medical institutions, health-improvement centers and sanatoriums. Owing to the simplicity of use, safety, noninvasiveness, high efficiency the applicators can be recommended for home use.

Way for health

The effect produced by the applicators is potent and multiple-factor, their high efficiency, simplicity and reliability in use make them unique, they have no analogs in the world. The applicator mobilizes internal resources, stimulates the natural remedy production inside of the body in the required dosage, makes up for the lack of motor activity.

The Lyapko applicators are well know in Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries, Eastern and Western Europe, America, Australia, etc. Harmoniously affecting the body, the applicator helps get rid of illnesses and improve health. It has unlimited term of effect. Millions of people successfully use the applicator and are delighted with its unique properties. It has become a good friends and a health defender both for small children and elderly people.

The applicator produces unfailing effect, it really brings strength and energy back, fortifies our body and spirit, it paves the way for health, harmony and happiness. You will, no doubt, ran out of any, even the best medicine, but Lyapko applicator will stay with you forever.