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"Patients carry their own doctor inside... We are at our best when we give the physician who resides within each patient a chance to go to work."
Albert Schweitzer

We want to introduce you to Lyapko applicators, simple but effective acupuncture devices which will help you to get rid of pain and prevent it in future. We will tell you about a big family of Lyapko applicators (roller, plates, belts) and explain how to use them.

Lyapko applicator is designed to be used in complex therapy and prevention of different illnesses and morbid conditions. It is a wonderful means of strengthening and maintaining health.

At the heart of the applicator creation is the Chinese practice of acupuncture (stimulation of bioactive points with needles). Dr N. G. Lyapko developed a unique technology according to which needles made of certain metals are coated with other metals in various combinations. Then the needles are specially arranged on a rubber base. Owing to the technology needle stimulation becomes more diverse, which enhances therapeutic effect and promotes recovery.

Special design of our acupuncture massager eliminates the possibility of skin damage. That is why the applicator therapy is completely safe and can be used by both adults and children.

There are different models of Lyapko applicator: an applicator roller, an applicator plate, a needle ball, etc. Here we will tell about the properties of our acupuncture devices, help you understand how they work. We will explain the difference between the models so that you could choose the applicator that will meet your specific needs. You will find all necessary information, pictures and videos which will help you use the applicator correctly.

Buy Lyapko roller, plate or other acupressure massager and you will make sure that it is effective and dependable. It helps restore vitality, strengthens the body and soul, contributes to long life and well-being!

Lyapko applicator will become a good companion to anyone who wants to save the most precious thing a person may have - our health!