How to apply Lyapko applicators?

Zones of stimulation

Flat static applicators (plates) and the applicators rollers are used to stimulate main, additional and subsidiary zones. The rollers are also applied to the zones located along the spine (zones of the sympathetic points location) to carry out the reflex diagnosis.

Using the applicator plate as well as the roller it is possible to reduce pain, to restore working capacity, to get rid of stress and to make state of the nervous system normal, to achieve therapeutic effect for various morbid conditions in a short period of time.

In 90% of cases it is necessary to stimulate the zone which causes troubles (the zones of pain), and to increase the efficiency of treatment the additional and subsidiary zones should be stimulated. The main zone (the zone of the spine) must always be included into general prescription.

The additional and subsidiary zones are used when there are certain reasons which do not allow to stimulate the main zone. The additional and subsidiary zones may be located on the parts opposite to the location of the main zone. In order to increase therapeutic effect it is advisable to include into the formula of stimulation the symmetric zones located on the unaffected side.

Achievement good therapeutic effect

It is necessary:
1. To choose zones, rates and ways of stimulation correctly.
2. To lay the applicators correctly.

Even distribution of the body weight over the whole surface of the applicator is the main condition of the correct laying. Never lay the applicator on absolutely flat surface. To lay the applicators correctly it is necessary to model as precisely as possible the curves of the spine in its neck and loin areas using cushions or rolled up towels.

For the first five minutes of "association" with the applicator there is a sensation of discomfort and pricking gradually turning into a sensation of powerful warmth and pleasant "vibration", later there may be a feeling of drowsiness and general relaxation turning into healthy sound sleep.

If a patient experiences discomfort for 10-15 minutes, it is necessary to take the applicators away and apply them again only in 5-10 hours or the next day, covering smaller area. The discomfort may be caused by the incorrect laying of the applicators, which means that the needles are loaded unevenly or by slipping of the applicators accompanied by scratching of the skin. To eliminate the problem a patient should rise, put a soft roller under his knees and lie on the applicator again.

Duration of the stimulation

Duration of the stimulation depends on the symptoms you have and the problem you want to solve. For intensive pain, increased blood pressure, irritability, agitation, insomnia it is recommended to use the applicators in the second half of the day or before going to bed. The duration of the stimulation is 15-30 minutes (for the applicator roller - 10-15 minutes).

For hypotension, somnolence, weakness, decreased sensitivity and also with weakened patients and elderly people it is more effective to do the stimulation in the morning and in the first half of the day.

The duration of the stimulation for the applicator plate is 7-10 minutes, and for the applicator-roller is 5-7 minutes, in certain cases considerable positive effect is achieved by means of long stimulation from 30 minutes to 1-2 hours. The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks. The treatment can be repeated in 2-4 weeks.

There is positive practical experience of long, for a few months running, everyday use of the applicators. As a result, there was steady improvement of general health, removal of chronic pain, increase of vitality and working capacity.

Toning up, reducing pain, increasing working capacity (morning, afternoon)3-7 min.7-10 min.
Relaxation, removing chronic pain, soporific effect (mainly, before going to bed)8-15 min.20-30 min.