Recommendations as for Lyapko applicators use

For vertebral osteochondrosis lie on the applicators with the back. It is possible to place the applicators under the whole neck, back and lumbosacral region.

For headaches, pain in the neck, shoulder girdle, hands, heart area, and for pain in the upper and medium parts of the chest, put the applicators under the head, neck, shoulder girdle, upper and medium parts of the chest, which can be supplemented by the stimulation of the hands and the feet.

For the gastroenteric tract, liver and kidneys illnesses apply the applicators to the medium and lower parts of the back and to the loin, to make the effect stronger it is possible to put the applicators on the abdomen and press them with a little sack of sand. You can also apply the applicators belts Partner and Kid to the same zones.

For ache in the low abdomen, in sacrum, loin, lower extremities as well as for small pelvis function disorders and illnesses apply the applicators in the lumbar region, sacrum and buttock region and to the low abdomen.

For injuries and fractures apply the applicators to the part of the spine corresponding the segmental innervation of the injured extremity for 15-30 minutes, and then to the area located above or below the fracture.

To shorten a period of healing and recovery of the bowels function after operation put the applicators above or below the place of the operation.

For pelvic organs function disorders to whet urination and make it normal as well as for inflammation of the womb, appendage and the bladder, prostatitis, prostate adenoma apply the applicators to the loin and to sacrum and buttock region.

For colds, chronic lungs illnesses and bronchitis use the applicator as a mustard plaster applying it to the back, neck and collar region, front surface of the chest and sternum region.

To remove bronchial asthma attack lie on the applicator with the neck and collar zone, the medium part of the chest must be covered with the applicator too, or you may also apply the applicator belt, then using the applicator roller or the small plate give slight presses to the sternum zone and to the zone of the upper parts of the front chest surface. Doing this it is necessary to hold one`s breath in accordance with the Butejko method.

For rhinitis of allergic or catarrhal etiology lie on the applicator with the occipital zone, and stimulate the area of the antrums of Highmore projection with the small applicators.

For arterial hypertension and strong headaches apply the applicators to the neck and collar zone, to medium part of the chest, to the neck and head zones, the sacral area and the feet.

For CHD (coronary heart disease), stenocardia, rhythm disturbance and other cardio-vascular system disorders apply the applicator to upper and medium zone chest parts of the spine, to the hand which corresponds the heart, and to the zone of the little finger nail matrix.

For stomach ulcer and pancreatitis apply the applicators to the lower chest and lumbar parts of the spine, for exacerbation use the zone located above and below the zone of pain (the back and the abdomen).

For lower extremities varicosis apply the applicator to the lumbar part of the spine, partially covering the lower chest part of the spine, and to the right side of the chest (the zone of the liver projection) for 15-25 minutes.

It is better to do three sessions a day. For example: in the morning after walking when leg fatigue appears. It is necessary to lie down, put your calves on the applicator Chance, and place the applicator Insole under your feet. Hold your legs in an elevated position to improve blood outflow. Time of stimulation is 15-20 minutes. In the afternoon roll Big or Universal roller along inner and outer surface of thighs and calves.

In the evening do the applicator treatment to lumbar part of the spine (on either side of the spine) partially covering lower chest part of the spine, as well as to chest region on the right (the zone of the liver projection). You can use the applicator Flower, Rug, Quadro, or wrap yourself around with the Ribbon Health. Time of stimulation is 15-20 minutes.

Bands can be wrapped around the lower legs on both legs simultaneously or by turns. You can either do that in lying position or walk, but after taking the ribbon off you should lie for a while with your legs in elevated position to improve blood outflow. Time of stimulation is 15-20 minutes.

On alternate days instead of the application to the loins and lower chest part of the spine, apply the applicator to the neck and collar part of the spine to relive vessel spasm in the head in order to prevent spasm of peripheral capillaries (including leg capillaries). All these manipulations help improve blood circulation, remove feeling of "heaviness" in legs, swelling, pain, and benefit general health.

Besides that technique, leg moistening, gauze compresses with herb infusions and substances which improve trophism and circulation are recommended. Gauze or cloth pads soaked in herb infusion, healing salt solution, or other medical solution can be placed under the applicator.

The applications can be also received in leg baths with herbs, minerals, salts. In this case the applications can last for 1-1.5 hour followed by a break of the same duration, and be repeated up to 2-4 times a day for 5-7 days. After that, ordinary techniques can be used 1-2 times a day. Other variants chosen individually and combined with other methods of treatment (movement therapy, exercises, massage etc.) are also possible.

To get rid of the excessive adipose deposits apply the applicator (step - 7.0 mm) to the zones of the worst obesity by turns for 7-10 minutes and to the lumbar parts of the spine for 15-20 minutes.

Ribbons Health are used: two 5-7 segmental ribbons or one 9 segmental ribbon can be applied together with a gauze pad (1-2 layers of thick gauze) soaked in mineral, salt, herb solution etc.. The applicator in placed upon the gauze pad.

For early toxicosis apply the applicators to the zones of the chest and upper loin for 10-20 minutes and to the upper abdomen for 15 minutes.

For painful syndrome in the lumbosacral region, to improve uterus circulation and to promote fetus development gently stimulate the lumbosacral zone, it is advisable to use the applicators with a small step (5,8 mm). The stimulation must produce only comfortable sensation.

To save and stimulate lactation during breast feeding period apply the applicators to the medium chest parts of the back for 15-20 minutes, 1-3 times a day.

For mastitis apply the applicators to the zone of the breast inflammation and to the zone of the medium chest part of the spine for 10-15 minutes, 1-3 times a day.

For insults stimulate all the parts of the spine and the extremities starting with the unaffected side, and then stimulate the head and the neck regions. Always finish the treatment with the stimulation of the feet (in sitting or standing position).

REHABILITATION STAGE. At home, the applicators are applied to all affected parts of the spine, and to extremities by turns. You should start with unaffected side. The applicators are placed along the spine, on neck part of the spine, or, for example, on lumbar one. At the same time affected leg or arm is stimulated with the roller. Start with fingertips, then move upwards (to restore nerve conduction). The roller stimulation must be done gently, blood circulation of the affected side improves - the capillaries dilate - the skin becomes rosy.

Manual massage of the head with subsequent roller stimulation is also done. It is desirable to finish the session with the applicator stimulation of the feet, which can be done either in lying or sitting position. Time of stimulation is 7-10 minutes on unaffected side, and 10-20 minutes on the affected one. As patients get tired very quickly, such sessions can be done 2 times a day for 30-40 minutes.

For the thyroid gland illnesses with its hyperfunction (thyrotoxicosis) it is very important to learn how to breathe correctly (or rather, almost not to breathe!). For example, learn to hold your breath for one - one and a half - two minutes, 5-15 times a day. After every breath-hold try to breathe so that it could be "neither seen nor heard" - like in a photo of you (choose a beautiful photo of you, stand in front of a mirror, and try to breathe as the photo "breathes"), or breathe with "breath of a sleeping child", which is the same. For hypothyroidism (myxedema) try to breath intensively, deeply, and frequently for 3-7 minutes 2-3 times a day.

At the same time stimulate neck part of the spine with the applicator belt Universal. Stimulation of the additional zones (sacrococcygeal zone, adrenal gland zone) is also effective. The session should be finished with foot stimulation. Special attention should be paid to the joint of the second phalanx of the thumbs, and to the sole and top sides of the feet (metatarsus - the second joint of the big toe) - time of stimulation is 3-5 minutes or more; 2-3 times a day. For hyperthyroidism prolonged (15-30 minutes) stimulation of the neck, and thyroid gland zone - 1-2 times a day; for myxedema short-time (3-7 minutes) stimulation - 4- 6 times a day. The stimulation can also be done to other subsidiary zones.

For alcoholism and smoking the applicator stimulation should be done to the zones responsible for discharge of bioactive substances in big amounts: back of the head, neck and collar zone, the whole zone of the back along the spine, lumbosacral region. Thousands of vital points are located on the human body, but there also are hundred thousands of other equally important zones and points by means of which it is possible to produce positive effect both on internal organs and the whole body.

Thus, the point E36 ((Tszu-san-li) "for one hundred illnesses") is situated below the knee, and somewhat above (1-2 centimeters) this point there is a new point. Some authors call this new point (zone) Tszu-li-pan - point for treatment of alcohol and other dependencies. Fix the belt Kid to the zone of these points, which will facilitate discharge of inner remedies bringing metabolic processes back to normal. The applicator Droplet should also be used to stimulate points on the ear conch. Apply the applicator therapy to the abdomen and the chest.