How to apply Lyapko applicators?

Using the applicator plate as well as the roller it is possible to reduce pain, to restore working capacity, to get rid of stress and to make state of the nervous system normal.

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Recommendations for using

For vertebral osteochondrosis lie on the applicators with the back.
It is possible to place the applicators under the whole neck, back and lumbosacral region...

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Schemes of using

Stenocardia, cardialgia, osteochondrosis (a well as radiculitis, myositis, neuralgia) of the medium and chest parts of the spine, bronchitis, mastitis, weak lactation...

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Therapy during pregnancy

As well as to improve conditions of its progress use the applicators with small step (3.5 - 5.0 mm). The feelings must be comfortable. The applicators are applied to paravertebral zones...

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Questions and answers

What do patient feel when they apply the applicator? For the first few minutes of applying the applicator a patient feels pricking, vibration and biting...

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Many years of medical practice have proved that Lyapko applicator produces reliable and harmless effect, it does not cause any side-effects, complications or allergic reactions.

The effect produced by the applicators is potent and multiple-factor, their high efficiency, simplicity and reliability in use make them unique, they have no analogs in the world.

The applicator mobilizes internal resources, stimulates the natural remedy production inside of the body in the required dosage, makes up for the lack of motor activity.

Millions of people successfully use the applicator and are delighted with its unique properties.

You will, no doubt, ran out of any, even the best medicine, but Lyapko applicator will stay with you forever.