Lyapko applicator properties

Many years of medical practice have proved that Lyapko applicator produces reliable and harmless effect, it does not cause any side-effects, complications or allergic reactions.

The applicator stimulates powerful natural "remedy" production in the quantity needed, and makes our "own doctor" work to prevent diseases and to resist them.

• It increases working capacity and vitality, normalizes sleep and metabolism, rises mood.

• It assists prevention and treatment of gastroenteric tract illnesses as well as cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system diseases.

• It eliminates sexual disorders, owing to which sexual function of both men and women becomes normal; when used in gynaecological disorders treatment the applicator helps eliminate inflammation and ovarian - menstrual cycle disorders.

• It reduces time of complete recovery after craniocerebral injury, fractures, operations, strokes.

• It cuts off back pain, headaches, joint and muscle pain.

• It helps people suffering from endocrine disorders, normalize their endocrine balance and metabolism (obese people lose weight, emaciated people put on the weight they need).

• It doubles or triples efficiency of such methods as massage, ear and general acupuncture, manual and laser therapy, microwave resonant therapy (both when used combined and preliminarily).

• It helps get rid of pernicious habits (smoking, alcoholism).

• It allows to take fewer medicines and to stop using them later on.