General information

The applicator produces unfailing effect, it really brings strength and energy back, fortifies our body and spirit, it paves the way for health, harmony and happiness.

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Lyapko applicator properties

The applicator stimulates powerful natural "remedy" production in the quantity needed, and makes our "own doctor" work to prevent diseases and to resist them.

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Lyapko Applicator structure

The applicators are elastic rubber plates or rollers with the needles fixed on them in a special way. The needles are made of metals necessary for human body.

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Theoretical aspects

Looking for the sources of health in our environment, we often forget that the main reserves necessary to overcome any illness are inside of us.

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Kinds of stimulation

Reflex and mechanical stimulation is produced by superficial many-needle acupuncture of the certain zones and the biologically active points.

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Reflex diagnostics foundations

Applicator has universal properties: it "takes away" the energy from the areas of the skin with raised reactivity and "wakes up" the degeneratively changed zones.

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Indications for using

1. The locomotor system diseases and injuries: a) the nervous and muscle system overstrain; b) myositis; c) myalgia; d) tendovaginitis; e) injury...

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Many years of medical practice have proved that Lyapko applicator produces reliable and harmless effect, it does not cause any side-effects, complications or allergic reactions.

The effect produced by the applicators is potent and multiple-factor, their high efficiency, simplicity and reliability in use make them unique, they have no analogs in the world.

The applicator mobilizes internal resources, stimulates the natural remedy production inside of the body in the required dosage, makes up for the lack of motor activity.

Millions of people successfully use the applicator and are delighted with its unique properties.

You will, no doubt, ran out of any, even the best medicine, but Lyapko applicator will stay with you forever.