Questions and answers

How to start self-treatment with the applicator?

Set yourself as an object: "I want to have excellent health". Remember, nobody can become healthy if he does not want it himself. People often entrust realizing their objects and performing their duties to somebody else. For example, a doctor`s object is to restore our health; his duty is to do treatment correctly and effectively. But a doctor`s efforts alone won`t be enough.

Remember: "Your health in your hands".

Read the instructions to the applicator carefully, underline the information you need in the text and mark it in the picture. Take upon yourself an obligation to perform all the instructions correctly and fully.

Take a note-book to record your feelings before and after the session of treatment. Write your object and your duties in capital letters on the note-book. Rule the note-book in the following columns: date, time and place the session, its duration, your feelings before and after the session, how long the therapeutic effect lasts. Later, analyzing your records, you will be able to see real results of the treatment and choose the way of applying Lyapko applicators that suits you best.

When to apply the applicators plates and the rollers?

If you do not feel well, if there are muscles or joints pains, if you are troubled with old injuries, if you have a headache, if you are nervous or under stress, rely on the plate applicator. Place it under the back or press to the painful area. The applicator will help you to forget about the pain!

If you apply the roller, the "needle shower" will revive your tired nervous system, "wash" tension off your muscles, give a healthy look to your face and refresh your skin. Use the Facial roller, standing on front of a mirror, and you will smile to yourself. As it is always pleasant to see fresh and healthy person in the mirror.

If you make your back ready before the massage, by means of lying on the applicator or working the back up with the roller, the therapeutic effect will come sooner and will be more stable. You will, also, get much more pleasure.

You can use the applicator any time you like. It is, also, possible to fix it on the painful area and wear as long as it is necessary to improve the condition.

What do patient feel when they apply the applicator?

For the first few minutes of applying the applicator a patient feels pricking, vibration and biting. Then there comes warms, painful sensations disappear, the patient feels pleasant relaxation which may turn into normal, healthy sleep.

What happens during the session?

The applicator stimulates the skin receptors, points and reflex zones, which causes adequate reactions of the body. It makes the immune system work and gives it additional forces to fight with an illness successfully.

Under the influence of the applicator powerful redistribution of energy takes place. Owing to the potential difference between the metals which the needles are made of, there appear galvanic currents, which cause microelectrophoresis of the metals into the internal environment of the body.

Why does the pain disappear?

The applicator restores the energy balance in the meridians going through the painful area, or in the zone of the diseased organ projection.
Pathogenic (stagnant) energy is actively redistributed (taken away), and the weak place, where there is a lack of energy, gets it.

So, when your body contacts with the applicator which consists of the needles made of different metals, it works like an accumulator: it makes up a deficiency of energy and removes its excess. The inflamed place is edematic, but when there is strong blood inflow it discharges, and pain disappears. At the same time, the weak place (if there are any dystrophic processes) gets necessary charge of energy.

Moreover, the applicator stimulates biologically active points, located on the skin. They give signals to hypophysis to produce endorphines which are natural anaesthetics of the body.

How to use the applicator plate and the applicator roller correctly?

First of all, you should determine the result you want to achieve. Then, find the zones you will stimulate (main, additional and subsidiary). After that, choose an instrument of stimulation the applicator-plate, the applicator-roller or another one.

You can lie on the applicator, following the instructions of the correct laying, or apply the applicator to certain area, pressing it with a little sack of sand. You can work up the zones with the roller yourself or with somebody`s assistance. Stimulating the points and the zones, the applicator helps to restore and normalize both function of the certain organs and functions of the body as a whole.

What effect does the applicator roller produce on the human body?

The effect produced by the applicator-roller is equal to that produced by the applicator-plate, but the result is achieved much quicker. Besides, with the roller you can reach any place of the body.

It is possible to work up the whole body with the roller for 2-3 minutes: the body will "burn", you will have "needle shower" consisting of a few millions of pricks. Using the roller, it is possible to warm the whole family after supercooling in 10 minutes. When you work with the roller you may need the assistant to help you work up the places which are difficult to reach.

How does the applicator-roller work?

The applicator has wide spectrum of influence, and the effect it produces is very potent. It is a universal device. Moreover, the roller is your home acupuncturist and diagnostician. Using it, you will find the points which have salutary influence on your body and are able to normalize its condition in the most effective way. Not every physician is able to find these points as precisely as the roller is.

These points and zones are located on the body surface and have different configuration. When they are stimulated, unusual sensations appear both on the zone of stimulation and in other parts of the body. In addition to the general recommendations, according to which it is necessary to stimulate main, additional and subsidiary zones recommended for certain illnesses and morbid condition, it is advisable to stimulate with the roller the hypersensitive zones you have found, for 5-10 minutes.

After such stimulation a patient feels much better, pains disappears, working capacity and general vitality increase, there are pleasant sensation both in the zone of application and in the whole body. It is necessary to work up the zones on the face, the neck, the head or the painful zones on the body and the extremities. In some cases, it can be very effective to stimulate the areas symmetric to the painful areas. For example, if you feel pain in the right leg or arm, stimulate the symmetric area located on the left leg or arm.

How to apply the applicator for the thyroid gland illness?

The pathology of the thyroid gland is always accompanied with the pathology of the neck part of the spine. That is why, it is necessary to stimulate this part of the spine with the applicator plate or the applicator roller. It is also effective to stimulate additional zones: sacrococcygeal zone and the zone of adrenal glands.

You should finish the session with the stimulation of the feet. You should pay particular attention to the region where the second phalanx of the big toe joins the foot, stimulate both the sole and upper sides of each foot.

A child has a weak arm. Can the Lyapko applicator help?

Yes of course. One of the possible causes of such situation is birth injury or an injury, sustained earlier in life, which caused joint displacement and nerve incarceration. Even if the problem has genetic origin, it is possible to help, to improve the nerve and the joint condition, to promote proper development of the muscles and the nerves.

General condition of the body is always connected with the condition of the spine. It is necessary to stimulate the zones located paravertebrally in the neck and chest parts of the spine, and then apply the applicator to the hand, and then to the forearm and the shoulder on the affected arm.

To make the effect more potent, it is advisable to stimulate the symmetric zones located on the unaffected arm and the feet. At the end of the session it is possible to apply segmental massage with the massager Pharaoh. To achieve positive dynamics, it is necessary to do treatment regularly and for a long time.

After an elbow joint injury the hand has party lost its mobility. Is it possible to apply the applicator and how?

It is just necessary to use the applicator for rehabilitation, as in consequence of the injury there has happened ulnar and radial nerves paresis. The integrity of the bones have been restored, they have knitted. But, it often happens that there appear pathological foci in the shoulder joint, the radial joint, and the neck part of the spine which is, also, damaged as there are displacement or stagnation processes caused by forced restriction of mobility.

The only way to normalize and to restore the functions of the diseased organ, joint or part of the spine is to affect all the pathological foci. Applying the applicator, you can produce only positive effect, as the method is founded on the basic principle of medicine: "Do not do harm, use natural healing abilities of the body".

It is necessary to stimulate neck and bronchial plexus with the applicator. The regions of the shoulder joint, the elbow joint, the forearm and the arm should also be included into treatment. To make the effect more potent, it is advisable to apply the applicators to the symmetric zones located on the unaffected side or on the foot.

It is possible to do any harm, applying the applicator?

No, it is not. Moreover, applying the applicator, you mobilize all the protective powers of the body to fight against an illness, and you win. You should simply be attentive to your feelings, and to apply the applicator correctly. There must be pleasant sensations only.

Attentively read the section How to apply the applicator? again, how to lay the applicator correctly, what you should do if you experience discomfort for a long time. The treatment must bring relief, peace and relaxation. It must give you energy, increase working capacity, and restore harmony.

How not to buy a counterfeit?

The Lyapko applicator has become widely popular among various population groups. It is applied in different medical institutions. That is why there have appeared substandard articles which do not have any certificates. They are sold by dishonest operators who exploit our brand name, advertising materials, and, what is the most important, popularity and efficiency of our applicators.

The process of the Lyapko applicator production is extremely labor-intensive and expensive, as we use original technology and raw materials of the best quality.

True Lyapko applicator has a base made of high-quality medical rubber which can easily be distinguished from ordinary industrial rubber by its look, odor and elasticity. We use rubber of different colors. Every applicator is characterized by diversity of color and coloration.

The applicator has a one-piece-cast base, which ensures its reliability and durability. Special bulges in the basic of the plate make it possible to fix the needles reliably: they neither come out nor tilt. Besides, the bulges protect the skin from pricking. All the needles and coatings are made of pure metals and satisfy al the requirements of Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health.

How to disinfect the applicator?

The applicators, in the course of their use, contact with the skin without damaging it, so there is no contact with blood. In medical institutions they must be disinfected after a session of applications. It is possible to use: air method or chemical method disinfection (apply the preparations that do not contain chlorine).

If the applicator is used individually (or by the members of a family) they do not need disinfection.

Sanitary care of the applicator includes cleaning with detergent, washing with running water, and drying with a flow of hot air (with a hair-dryer). When you dry the applicator, hold the hair-dryer at the closest possible distance from the needles.