Application therapy during pregnancy

To sustain pregnancy

As well as to improve conditions of its progress use the applicators with small step (3.5 - 5.0 mm). The feelings must be comfortable. The applicators and the rollers are applied to paravertebral zones (the zones located along the spine on either side), zones of forearms, lower legs, as well as the zones of hands and feet. The roller stimulation must be soft and gentle.

Gestational toxicosis

During pregnancy sensitivity threshold decreases and a woman responds to any irritators, she has heightened sensitivity to odors, words, etc.

For early toxicosis (nausea, vomiting) apply the applicator to a lower third of the chest, upper part of lumbar spine for 10-20 minutes; for comfort you can put a thin draw-sheet on the applicator before lying down on it; apply roller stimulation to the upper belly above the navel, forearms, and hands for 15 minutes, the stimulation must be done gently, the feelings must be comfortable.
Clockwise roller stimulation of the belly helps adjust the bowel function.

You can use the applicator for a cold, applying it as a "mustard plaster".

Back pain, heaviness in the legs

One of the most noticeable changes in a pregnant woman is the change of body weight. By the end of pregnancy weight of a woman may increase by about 10-12 kilograms. During this time the spine experiences double load. In different time pregnant women can be bothered by back pains. There also may appear fatigue, heaviness, leg pains, swelling by the end of the day, a burning sensation. Later various veins may show as well.

Apply a Big or Universal roller to the back (covering lower chest and lumbar part of the spine) and to the legs. Time of stimulation is 5-7 minutes in the morning, and 10-15 minutes in the evening. Then, it is possible to lie down on the applicator with lower chest and lumbar part of the spine. Use an applicator with a smaller step, from 4.9 to 5.0 mm (Chance, Flower). Do the session 2 times a day.
It is very effective to apply Ribbon Health with gauze pads soaked in remedial solution (infusion), or without them, for 15 - 40 minutes.

For pain syndrome in lumbosacral region, to improve blood supply of the uterus and for proper development of the fetus apply the applicator to lumbar and sacral zones; the stimulation must be soft and gentle; it is desirable to use the applicator with a small step (4.9 -5.8 mm). The feelings must be comfortable.

Stretch marks prevention and treatment

It is easier to prevent getting stretch marks than try to get rid of them later. Controlling weight gain is very important. Rapid weight gain will inevitably lead to development of stretch mark. You can use special bandages to prevent stretch marks.

Every day from the very beginning of pregnancy roll "unsafe" areas with a big or universal roller until there appears a slight flush and a feeling of a pleasant warmth. Put Partner, Kid, or Ribbon Health belt on the zone of buttocks and hips (applying the techniques mentioned above).
Time of stimulation is 10-20 minutes, the feelings must be comfortable. It is also possible to massage problem areas with the massager Pharaoh. Time of stimulation is 3-7 minutes.


During early labour, when gaps between contractions are long, and duration of a contraction is short: during the contraction massage lumbosacral area with the massager Pharaoh, and in the gaps massage the whole back doing circular and longitudinal movements. When pains get more intense during contractions, apply (with somebody`s help) the roller to lumbosacral area, also covering lower chest part of the spine. Adjust intensity of pressing the roller yourself.

At this moment many pregnant women want intense stimulation and high amplitude of the roller movement.
It is effective to combine the applications with proper breathing during contractions and between them. The in-breath - through the nose, the out-breath - though the mouth, the in-breath should be longer than the out-breath.

The postpartum period

To remove pain during the uterus involution roll lower abdomen with a Big or Universal roller, time of stimulation is 10-15minutes, the stimulation must be gentle, the feelings must be comfortable. You can use the belt Partner, or wrap around the Ribbon Health.
These manipulations also help restore skin elasticity.

Lyapko applicators and your baby

In the first three months of their lives in more than 70% of babies colic is present. In vast majority of cases this colic is not pathology (a disease), but adaptation of a baby`s digestive tract to new conditions.

All parents are familiar with the following situation: during a feeding or soon after it the baby suddenly starts pulling the knees to the belly, showing anxiety, and then rapidly turns red and starts crying. The situation may last for quite a long time. This, actually, is the "colic".

To remove the colic you can use a Facial roller or an applicator Kid. Do the treatment through cotton cloth. Gently roll the roller around the belly moving in a clockwise direction for a few minutes until slight hyperemia (flushing) appears. Then roll the baby onto his or her belly and massage middle and lower back with the roller. Follow the same steps when you use Lyapko applicator Kid: apply it to the belly around the navel by turns (in a clockwise direction!). Press the applicator gently without an effort. Do the treatment between feedings, or before a feeding. It is very effective to do the applicator massage before bath.

The most important thing is to remember that it all will go by, with proper following of all recommendations this period can pass quite easily without darkening the joy of the first months of motherhood!

We are for breastfeeding!

To save and stimulate lactation the applicator (Rug, Flower etc.) should be applied to the whole chest part of the back for 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening. Before every feeding roll both breasts (avoiding the nipples) with a Universal roller for 3-5 minutes. Application of Ribbon Health is effective and pleasant. You should also have more rest and eat properly.


For lumps and mastitis longtime application of the applicator Kid is possible. It can be applied through two-layer gauze or thin cotton cloth soaked in hypertonic solution. Gentle pressings are done to the zone where a lump is located for 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a day (or more often) until the disease manifestations subside.