The reflex diagnostics foundations

Diagnostic method

The diagnostic method is based on the fact that the areas of the skin which are the projections of the internal organs, the zones of the projection located along the spine, and the points located on the front surface of the body react to the stimulation with the needle roller in a different way, which enables to identify the presence and degree of a pathological process:

normal condition: the skin is pink and warm;
1 stage of damage (partial compression, the process is rather "fresh"): excessive reaction to the stimulation, the skin is red, the temperature of the skin is raised;
2 stage of damage (deeper one): reaction to the stimulation is decreased, the skin is of a pink tint , the temperature is almost the same or slightly raised;
3 stage of damage (deep damage): there is no reaction to the stimulation, the temperature is lowered, the skin is dry, very thin or cicatricially changed, the color of the skin is pale.

Applicator`s effect

When an unaffected tissue is stimulated with the applicator it stays normal, at the same time, the stimulation produces recovery processes in the affected organs and areas of the skin. These processes are reflected on the areas of the skin: the color and other characteristics of the skin become normal. The value of the microcurrents arising between the needles is conditioned by the skin conductivity which depends on the concentration of the sweat and intercellular liquid electrolyte composition. Different energy condition in the meridians may also be reflected on the skin.

The "excess" symptoms (when there are injuries, acute inflammation, cold and so on):
• raised temperature;
• skin reddening;
• the skin is edematic;
• acute local painfulness;
• intensive, sharp pains.

In such cases, apply the applicator plate for 15-20 minutes or the applicator roller for 7-10 minutes, which helps to get rid of the excessive energy and to restore the normal condition of the body.

The "deficiency" symptoms (degenerate chronic processes, consequences of injuries, radiculitis and so on):
• aching pains;
• lowered temperature;
• pale skin;
• deep numbness ("formication");
• reduced sensitivity, absence of reactions.

For the "eficiency" symptoms the aim of the applicator stimulation is to restore the lack of energy. That is why, the stimulation lasts longer: the applicator plate is applied for 30-40 minutes and the roller is applied for 10-15 minutes.

So, the applicator has universal properties: it "takes away" the energy from the areas of the skin with raised reactivity (these areas correspond the inflamed organs which are in the condition of "excess"); it "wakes up" the degeneratively changed zones and fills them with energy, making their state normal (bringing the lost function back). After the treatment the skin color of the changed areas becomes normal (evenly pink), the temperature of the skin changes and the patient feels much better (the pains and other pathological processes disappear, working capacity raises, etc.)