Gullet, stomach, liver and gall bladder illnesses; neurologic syndromes of pectoral osteochondrosis (as well as myositis, radiculitis of the lower chest part of the spine), obesity

The application zones

Main 5; additional 6, 15, 16, 17; subsidiary 21, 23 (25, 28), 29, 30, 31 (26 for obesity).

General recommendation

For biliferous tracts, gullet and stomach pathology accompanied with the lack of appetite or nutrition, dyskinesia or other symptoms of the indigestion it is advisable to stimulate the zones of the abdomen, back and loin with the applicator plate or with the applicator roller after a meal in order to stimulate enzyme systems and to improve assimilability.

If there is excess weight, the stimulation is performed, mainly, before a meal (on an empty stomach). Such use of the applicator reduces appetite, decreases quantity of the food eaten and starts the mechanism which eliminates unnecessary adipose deposits and transforming fat into vital energy necessary for the body.

For osteochondrosis of the lower chest part of the spine, hepatitis, cholecystitis it is often enough to stimulate the zones 5, 6, 15, 16, 17, and, additionally, the outside of the zones 26-28 (knee joint and ankle region). You may also stimulate the zone 22, moving upwards along the elbow side. For expressed exacerbation do not apply the applicator to the most painful zones, use the zones located above or below.

Additional recommendations

For chronic hepatocholecystitis and gall-bladder dyskinesia apply the applicator to the right hypochondrium region as a "hot-water bottle". Simultaneously, do "blind intubation" using olive oil, lemon juice, etc.

For liver pathology, secretory deficiency of the stomach and pancreas the time of the stimulation is 5-7 minutes; stimulate the painful points of the zones 15-16 and the zones 5-6 until a patient feels warm, relaxed and pain disappears.

Subsidiary points: low part of the zone 23 located on the right (on the arms), low part of the zone 29 located on the left, and vice versa.