Diabetes mellitus

The application zones

Main 5, 6; additional 16, 17; subsidiary 1, 2, 23, 29, 31.

General recommendations

Besides the abovementioned zones you should apply the plates and the rollers to, it is very effective to fix the small applicators (30-60 minutes) on the zones A, B, C, D by turns, crosswise and alternating the application to one foot with the application to the other in a day.

For example, one day apply the applicators to the zones A1, A2 on the right, B on the right, D on the left, and the next day - vice versa. More potent effect and stabilization of the results are achieved when the applications are combined with taking special preparations.

Additional recommendation

For slight form of diabetes mellitus the many-needle therapy is really able to stabilize the glucose level in the blood.

For insulin-dependent forms of diabetes mellitus the applications can be good supplement for insulinization, which makes it possible to reduce the dose of insulin on the condition that a doctor controls the glucose level in the blood and allows to do it.