Injuries and fractures of the upper extremities

The application zones

Main 2, 3; additional 4, 13; subsidiary 20, 22, 24, (28, 30).

General recommendations.

For fractures apply the applicators to all the areas which are located above and below the fracture and are free from the plaster. You may use the roller as well as the applicator plate. Time of the stimulation on the side of the fracture should be two times longer than on the uninjured extremity.

For example, using the static applicators stimulate the neck and collar zone, and the broken extremity for 15-20 minutes; stimulate the unbroken extremity for 5-7 minutes. The same methods are used to treat injuries.

Additional recommendations.

Good result can be achieved by short-term stimulation of the symmetric zones located on the uninjured extremity or the corresponding zones located on the hands and feet.

If you find out any painful zones or zones of unusual sensitivity, while working with the facial or universal roller, fix the small applicators on these areas and wear them for 1-2 hours.

It is possible to stimulate and quicken the process of recovery and callus formation by means of using the applicators which have copper and zinc needles.