Allergy, neurodermatitis, skin itch

The application zones

Main 3, 5; additional 6, 12, 15; subsidiary 22, 28, 30, 31.

General recommendations

For the abovementioned pathology in the zones A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, L-M, O it is possible to use long 1-2 hours stimulation, applying 2-4 applicators by turns or crosswise (one-two to the left, one-two to the right).

It is better to combine the stimulation of the points located on the back, the neck and the nape with the stimulation of the points located on the back outsides of the arms and legs. It is also advisable to take special preparation and use special cream externally.

Additional recommendations

Treating any allergic illnesses, it is necessary to control breathing and try to reduce its intensity using Butejko method, yoga breathing techniques, etc.

To prevent the illnesses we recommend jogging with correction (reduction) of breathing. For example, while jogging, take 6 (8) steps breathing in, then take 6 (8) breathing out, after that take 6 (8) steps holding your breath. Repeat this cycle 4 (6) times. Then run 100-250 m breathing freely; your breath should be very quite, superficial and not intensive.

When you run this way the perspiration doubles or triples. With the sweat toxic matters, irritating the nerve captors, are taken out of the body. Note, that running speed should not exceed 70-80% 0f the runner`s physical abilities. If the breathing is correct and the speed is optimum you will feel comfortable while running.