Headaches, trifacial neuralgia, facial neuritis, facial sympathalgia , hearing and sight disorders, toothache, catarrhal diseases

The application zones

Main 0, 1; additional 2, 10, 11; subsidiary 3, 8, 22, 24, 25, 31 (28).

General recommendations

It is advisable to use cross-stimulation to the subsidiary zones on the ands and arms.

For any pain in the right side of the face, for example, in the point A: one should stimulate the point A itself, the point B on the right, point C on the left and point D on the right with the small applicator for 7-30 minutes.

Additional recommendation

For trifacial neuralgia, facial sympathalgia and for toothache apply the small applicator, additionally, to the most painful zones for 10-30 minutes and to the symmetric zones for 2-5 minutes.

It is also necessary to stimulate the ear lobe on the side where there is pain. To increase the efficiency of treatment it is advisable to stimulate the ear lobe on the unaffected side for a few (1-2) minutes.

To reduce pain after tooth extraction, stimulate point B on the side where there is a pain or point C on the opposite hand.

For facial neuritis it is very effective to apply the facial roller. Start the stimulation with the unaffected side (3-5 minutes), then stimulate the affected side for 7-10 minutes.