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402 Massager "Pharaoh"
Massager "Pharaoh"
Price: 4.7 USD

Massage and energy

Massage is definitely one of the oldest forms of healing. Ancient doctors thought that it was able to set even a hopelessly ill person on feet. At all times massage has been used to support people’s good spirits and make their bodies supple. In ancient times massagers were made of silver, gold and valuable sorts of wood. Such a present used to be a token of special favor and was available only to the elite.

"Life is a movement", as the saying goes. Healthy locomotor system is a foundation of a person’s general health. Good massage is beneficial because it helps restore circulation and lymph flow in the skin and muscles, and, at the same time, in the osteal system. It also improves the self-regulation process of the whole body.

Nowadays it is hard to imagine an ideally healthy way of life. People have to specialize in certain work, which is why some systems of the body are not used and stop playing their part in the life maintenance of the body. So the balance of energy within the body is upset. Under the condition of energy imbalance, when there are areas of excess and deficient energy, waste and toxins cannot be removed effectively, which creates favourable conditions for edema and non-malignant tumours, which may turn into malignant tumours. If the excess energy is accumulated in the endocrine glands, hormone balance of the body is upset. Changed energetics may cause formation of nodes in the thyroid glands.

The task of the massage is to restore harmony.

The main point of the method is to make stagnant energy move, to restore connection with other systems which function normally, to adjust energy balance, and to fix in the main nerve centre the information that all the systems can function harmoniously again under normal, that is, healthy conditions.

All these problems can be quickly, reliably, and effectively solved by your "home doctor” massager "Pharaoh”.

The massager "Pharaoh" bears the idea of trihedral pyramid which is a prototype of the tetrahedral pyramid, and has inherited its healing properties. Trihedral pyramid is a symbol of harmony as its sides form equal angles with each other.

The massager "Pharaoh" is made of ecologically clean wearproof polymer which does not electrify. During massage it keeps favorable structure of the field, which is extremely important for the head massage.

The massager "Pharaoh" is an experimentally selected geometric figure proportions of which are almost up to the principle of the golden section. The shape of the massager resembles a molecule of marsh-gas, which is considered to be the basis of the universe. Additional juts (knobs of different shapes: semi-spheres and cones with rounded top) turn each ball into harmonious pyramid. Owing to the juts, the efficiency of the massager increases. The juts form a combination of complex lenses which, in turn, focus light and energy pencils and directs them on the surface being massaged.

There is a "crown" on the top of the massager, which makes it even more unique. The shape of the "crown" in miniature is a copy of tetrahedron one leg of which is turned in the way that all the juts are directed in the same direction.

Unlike other massage tools, "Pharaoh" has more expressed massage properties: using four planes which have different curvature radius of the juts it is possible to give four kinds of general and segmental massage as well as five variants of point massage.

Applying each side of the massager by turns you have different sensations. It secures universality of the massager. With “Pharaoh” you can select the massager properties for any age, weight, sensitivity threshold, and a problem you want to solve, which cannot be achieved if you use other massagers.

Massager "Pharaoh" positively affects a person’s energy condition. It has good influence on the immune system, which, in turn, stabilizes general condition of the body.

During massage and after it the tissues generate healthy high-intensity oscillations which rectify negative and feebler oscillations of damaged tissues, making them oscillate in a normal rate.

Indications for applying the massager "Pharaoh"

• Locomotor system diseases and injuries (osteochondrosis, deforming spondylosis, osteoarthrosis, osteoporosis, fractures, injuries).

The use of the massager "Pharaoh" stimulates proliferative processes in the cellular elements of the osseous tissue, which promotes quick fracture healing. Constraint, pain and edema reduce, amplitude of movements in the joints increases. The reduction of osseous mass and the damage of osseous tissue microstructure are typical features of osteoporosis. As a result, osseous tissue becomes more fragile, which increases the risk of fractures. Massage with the massager "Pharaoh" activates the lymph flow, improves microcirculation and transcapillary metabolism, increases blood supply of organs and tissues, reduces inflammatory process in them.

• Sports medicine.

High efficiency of the muscle massager "Pharaoh" enables to restore biologic cycle and relieve “jet lag” syndrome, cope with stress before the start, increase physical and mental working capacity. The massager "Pharaoh" is an effective solution to the problems connected with sports injury treatment and prevention.

• Nervous system disorders (cerebrovascular pathology, peripheral nerve injury, neurosis, sleep disorders).

Short-term low-powered magnet therapy improves the condition of the cerebral circulatory system; promotes oxygen transportation of the cerebral tissues, which stimulates their nutrition; increases the brain resistance to hypoxia. The spinal cord, and especially, its grey substance, shows high magnetic sensitivity, and responds to it with activation of regenerative intracellular processes, regulation of the peripheral ceptors sensitivity, improvement of the conduction function. That is why, magnetic field of the massager "Pharaoh" helps to restore functions of injured peripheral nerves.

• Acute and chronic diseases of the urogenital system.

The massager "Pharaoh" can be used as one of health improving means when there are inflammatory diseases. It helps to make general condition better, relieve pain and dysuric syndromes, restore hormone balance if there are hypoestrogenic and climacteric conditions, increase potency, strengthen the immunity.

• Respiratory organs diseases (chronic obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma).

Magnet therapy sessions are recommended for people suffering from asthma. As it is in magnetic field where profound broncholith effect takes place and assimilation of oxygen happens more intensively.

• Endocrine system diseases (hypofunction of the thyroid gland).

Even if a patient’s diet includes a lot of seafood rich with iodine, he does not get enough of this element as iodine can be assimilated completely only in magnetic field.

• Cardiovascular system pathology (neurocircular dystonia of hypertension type).

• Peripheral vessels pathology (varicosis, obliterating endarteritis, Raunauld’s syndrome, diabetic angiopathy).

• Cosmetology.

Massage with the massager "Pharaoh" increases efficiency of lymphodrainage in the tissues of the whole body. It can be applied to fight against cellulitis, skin aging, poor circulation, bruises, itch, keloid cicatrix, face and extremity eodema, to improve body shape.

How to use the massager?

The massager can be applied with different intensity. To give massage you should turn the massager so that the juts you have chosen were in the area you want to massage. The sharper the juts the more intensive massage they enable to do.

For kinds of the massage intensity:

• light massage is superficial massage done with the balls of big radius (the base of the pyramid);

• more intensive massage is given with big hemispheres which are on the main balls; applying this kind of massage you affect the superficial layers of muscles;

• deep massage is done with cone-shaped juts having rounded tops; applying the juts you massage the whole muscle deeply;

• highly effective massage is the most intensive one. It is used for deep massage of the muscles and chords; such massage is done with the sharpest cone-shaped juts.

The superficial massage with cone-shaped juts produces an effect of gentle, pleasant, "tickling" stimulation turning into a state of real bliss. Duration of the massage and its intensity depends on the effect you want to achieve. Long massage, for 15 minutes and more, facilitates complete muscles relaxation, and produces sedative effect.

3-5-7 minute massage produces toning-up effect.

During the session use circling movements in clockwise direction or up-to-down movements. To improve gliding it is advisable to use thin cloth or wear light clothing during the massage. You may use different creams, curing ointments, balsams. The massager "Pharaoh" distributes them over the skin and promotes effective absorption. Complex application of a cream and the massage enables to enhance the effect produced by the cream up to 3-5 times, and use it more thriftily.

Using the massager "Pharaoh" it is possible to give general, segmenal and point massage.

The general massage has positive effect on the whole body, making all its systems function harmoniously. It order to produce toning-up effect it is advisable to give deep and more intensive massage (the 3rd the 4th degree of the intensity) for 5-7 minutes. And for relaxation use the 1st and 2nd degree of intensity for 15 minutes.

The segmental massage has positive effect on certain body systems, makes the function of the internal organs normal.

Point massage is a method of reflexology. It affects biologically active points, producing therapeutic and preventive effect.

Massage done with the ball or with one of its juts is used to work on the certain groups of muscles (intercostal muscles, the muscles of the hands and the feet).

Using the legs of the "crown" it is possible to give a more directed massage to the corresponding zones located on the hands and feet, which are used in Su Jock therapy. So, if you want to do point massage and need an effective hand or foot massager, buy “Pharaoh” and you will have a very useful tool.

Massage done with two balls simultaneously is used to work on long muscles on the back and muscles groups of the shank, thigh, shoulder, and the groups of muscles located near the spine.

It is possible to give anticellulitis massage moving the massager up the leg, from the knee to the hip, you can also apply it to other problem zones. The most suitable degrees of intensity for the massage are the 3rd and 4th ones. Such kind of massage destroys adipose deposits and makes the circulation more active, it intensifies the vital functions of the skin and muscle cells, and promotes their renewal. As a result, necessary conditions for activation of metabolism and fat breaking down are created. Before a session of the anticellulitis massage it is necessary to warm up (by means of taking bath, shower).

The massager Pharaoh" is a universal weight regulator. In order to lose weight work up the region of the abdomen, back, loin, and thighs with the juts of the 3rd and 4th kind 20-40 minutes before a meal.

Some people who practice such massage gladly abstain from a meal after it. But if you need to put on weight, it is advisable to do massage with the juts of the 1st and 2nd kind in 5-15 minutes after a meal.

The massager “Pharaoh” can be used as a self massager at home, as well as in massage centers, centers of manual therapy, rehabilitation centers, medical institutions and health-improvement centers.

Using the hand massager "Pharaoh" a professional masseur can add to his methods an original and pleasant-for-patients kind of massage, and at the same time double or triple (owing to ergonomic form of the massager) his own working capacity.


Before the massage make sure that the balls of the massager are not damaged. If there is mechanical damage, do grinding with emery paper.

It is not recommended to massage the areas where there are boils or some other visible skin damage, as well as the zones of affected lymph nodes. You should not do massage for illnesses accompanied with high temperature.

It is advisable to keep the massager "Pharaoh" in its packing as it has the shape of a pyramid. A pyramid is able to improve the structure of the surrounding space, making it close to the state of harmony. The massager placed into the pyramid clears itself from negative information fields and gets positive charge from three the most powerful field structures: "pi", "omega", "mu".

Combined use of the Lyapko applicators, the needle rollers and the massager "Pharaoh" enhances their therapeutic efficiency. Besides, the massage done after applying the applicators improves the diffusion of the useful metals from the skin through the blood all over the body.

The convenient and practical massager "Pharaoh" will save you from many problems. It will become a good friend and a reliable defender of your health.