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400 Applicator "Droplet" 3,5 Ag (pair)
Applicator "Droplet" 3,5 Ag (pair)
Price: 4.7 USD

Length (one piece): 33 mm (1.299 in); Width (one piece): 33 mm (1.299 in); Step: 3,5 mm (0.138 in), quantity of needles: 64.

Applicator "Droplet" is a face massager specially designed to look after the skin of the face, neck, and decollate. Owing to the area of stimulation, minimum step, and a handy shape the applicator “Droplet” is particularly suitable for massage.

At the expense of galvanic currents which appear on the tips of the applicator needles, the applicator “Droplet” effectively stimulates muscles of the face and neck, and has toning up effect. It also produces lifting effect, facial contours restore, double chin disappears.

Massage is done at cellular level, which helps active component of creams to penetrate deeper into the skin cells. Elasticity of the skin restores, which leads to slow down of aging processes.

Needling the face with the face massager “Droplet” enhances cell renewal and enriches the skin with micro-elements. The treatment stimulates own immunity of the skin cells, creates resisting barrier which protects the skin from harmful environmental effects.

“Droplet” can also be used as an auxiliary instrument or in complex applicator therapy to work on different parts of the body in accordance with acupuncture techniques. Moreover, “Droplet” can be used as a “first aid” in emergencies: a faint, insect stings, to relieve acute pain, bronchospasm, heart seizures.

For chronic pain and vascular syndromes longtime wearing of the applicator is recommended. Having the small applicator in your bag or pocket at work, at home, when you rest or travel you have an irreplaceable means of first aid.

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